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Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 30 x 24 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2024

Brinda Pamulapati | Circles of Enigma

4 300,00$Prix

    The canvas is museum wrapped, painted black along the sides, and varnished.


    In "Circles of Enigma," the canvas comes alive with the pulsating vibrancy of green, pink, blue, and orange, each hue swirling around enigmatic circles that draw the eye and intrigue the mind. The painting is a labyrinth of color, rich in texture and dotted with gold highlights that catch the light like hidden treasures. This piece is a cosmic journey through the mysteries of the universe, where celestial bodies in circular forms float in the vastness of an imagined sky, and the textured chaos of color beneath speaks to the complexity of existence. The painting invites onlookers to contemplate the cycles of life, the celestial bodies that govern us, and the infinite connections that bind the universe together.


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