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Medium: Alkyd Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 x 16 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2016

Cheryl Eggleston | Window/Open Field

1 000,00$Prix

    The canvas is gallery wrapped.

    This is a work divided into two parts. The upper part shows a blue ball passing through an opening with shattered glass behind it. The bottom part shows two windows. One is a daytime view and the other, the darkness of night.

    I like to think about windows. It might go back to my early memories, as I liked to daydream while looking out of a window. I want to think that windows can be looked at as frames, forever holding a view out the window as a picture frozen in a frame.

    Time stopped.

    Other times, I imagine windows as portals to another world, very like our own world, but just the smallest bit different. Who would I be? What would I be doing in this other world? Curiosity begs me to step through the glass and experience a place that is the same, but different. To look at everything as familiar but through new, innocent eyes.

    Here I give you a little piece of my imagination, my muse!

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