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Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 x 150 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2021

Sam McCoy | Florida Roadside : Ode to Heade

6 900,00$Prix

    A set of 3 paintings, 40" x 50" each.


    Florida Roadside series: Growing up in Orlando didn’t always mean vacations at Disney World, but roadtrips on old Florida highways to fruit stands, cool springs, and historic landmarks. Historic landmarks in Florida were the tourist spots that came before the mega theme parks of Central Florida. This series looks back on roadside curiosities that were passion projects of botanical enthusiasts, resort towns that exploited the natural landscapes and people of the area, and whimsical parks that drew in thousands of snowbirds throughout the 19th and 20th century. The spaces I paint still exist today.


    Ode to Heade pays homage to the great landscape painter, Martin John Heade, part of the Hudson School painters. As railroads were constructed down Florida’s coasts, painters were commissioned to paint romanticized versions of the landscapes to promote resort towns like St. Augustine. This composition is based off several Heade paintings with turbulent skies, flat swamps, and spindly palm trees. In this painting I’ve included other flat swamp scenes, like a controlled burn contrasted with a golf course.

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