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More about Leon Hicks' Untitled Sketches

In Drawings Through Time, Leon Hicks has some previously untitled graphite sketches on display. Mr. Hicks recently titled select pieces Nude 8, Nude 14, and Nude 16. and then two as Pencil Drawing 1 and Pencil Drawing 2.

The title Nude was given to this series of pieces most likely because they depict the human figure in various positions. Nude 14 depicts a human figure lying on its side. Nude 16 depicts a close-up of a human face, while Nude 8 depicts a human figure lying on its back. These series of drawings were created in 1999.

Mr. Hicks’ Pencil Drawing 1 and Pencil Drawing 2 are a pair of graphite sketches created in 1997. They are most likely titled as such due to their lack of a clear defined subject in comparison to the Nude series of drawings.

These works, along with his other series of works My Home Town, Iconic Capers, and American Boy are available to view in Venvi Art Gallery and on our website. Drawings Through Time is open until April 28th. The opening reception will be held on March 15th from 5-8pm.

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