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Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 30 x 24 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2024

Brinda Pamulapati | Harmonic Divergence

4 100,00$Prix

    The canvas is museum wrapped, painted black along the sides, and varnished.


    "Harmonic Divergence" is an exquisite portrayal of nature’s own vibrant palette, with blue-green tones that evoke the depths of the ocean, yellow-orange hues reminiscent of a radiant dawn, and red-purple shades that whisper of twilight's mystery. The interplay of these colors on the canvas creates a dynamic balance, akin to the earth's own rhythm of day and night, land and sea, sky and sun. Each brushstroke brings forth the energy of these elemental contrasts, merging in a dance of hues that celebrates the diversity and unity found within the natural world. This piece doesn't just capture the viewer's gaze—it enchants the spirit with its bold, yet harmonious, embrace of life's colorful symphony.


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