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Medium: Alkyd Oil on Canvas

Size: 30 x 48 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2020

Cheryl Eggleston | A Gathering of Surviors

3 500,00$Prix

    The canvas is gallery wrapped.

    I painted this in early 2020, during lockdown. At that time Covid statistics were pretty grim. I wanted to acknowledge the survivors of COVID-19. The piece is divided into two parts. The top part of the painting depicts people as abstract marble statuary. The lower part are the witnesses.

    They've come to gather together.
    They've made it out of the woods.
    They are broken but patched back together.
    They have survived.
    They take their places on pedestals, like trophies.
    They've won.
    They have survived.
    Who are these witnesses below?
    Did they escape the pandemic?
    Or did they succumb to it?

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