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The gallery is located on scenic Park Avenue, away from Tallahassee’s downtown rush, in the PLACES ON PARK plaza at 2901 E Park Ave, Unit 2800, Tallahassee, FL 32301 USA. The space at Venvi Art Gallery can be described as stylishly minimal. It has a few larger spaces for corporate-size works and plenty of intimate ones that help viewers imagine what the work would look like in a home setting. Visits are free, and the gallery encourages frequent visits, especially on First Fridays.

Venvi Gallery hosts fine art exhibitions featuring energetic abstractions and contemporary art with mesmerizing compositions although the range is sometimes broader than that. Since its opening in 2015, the gallery has sought to give collectors exclusive access to original paintings by selected artists. We take pride in exhibiting and supporting local artists. Several artists selected for exhibition live and work in the area - including some professors from local universities.

​​Venvi’s long standing practice of uploading artwork to the website has been highly effective in increasing artists’ exposure to potential buyers outside of our area. Because of this success, Venvi Gallery has now expanded its online presence and will now have online solo and group exhibits in addition to gallery exhibits. This will allow the gallery to represent artists living outside our immediate area and make greater selection of artwork available to collectors far and wide. 

​We hope to connect more collectors with the work of exceptionally talented artists by expanding where and when patrons can view and collect art of Venvi-selected artists. Art collecting process has been made easier and more enjoyable by providing tools to help you narrow down your search.

When you happen to be around Tallahassee, we welcome you to visit our brick and mortar gallery, browse through our collection and meet our friendly staff. We could arrange a meeting with our local artists, if you make an appointment.

The owner and art director, Indian American artist and entrepreneur Brinda Pamulapati, has lived in and contributed to the Tallahassee community for over 20 years. She developed an appreciation of abstract painting from her mentor, Toronto-based world renowned artist Jacob Pichhadze, whose vision and guidance inspired her to open the gallery.

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