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Deeper Look

Fri, Mar 3, 2023 - Tue, Apr 18, 2023

2901 E Park Ave Unit 2800 Tallahassee, FL |

Leah Macdonald, Mary Sterner Lawson

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Press Release

Venvi Art Gallery is pleased to present “Deeper Look” by Leah Macdonald and Mary Sterner Lawson. In this joint exhibition, Macdonald and Lawson showcase their unique perspectives on

the world around us, utilizing a range of mediums to spark reflection.

Art has the power to leave a lasting impact on its viewer. In “Deeper Look,” the works of Macdonald and Lawson mesmerize their audience with captivating, multi-faceted depictions that

draw the viewer into a layered interpretation of the intricacies of life. Often, there is more than meets the eye in the works of these artists. Whether featuring a quaint still-life scene, a human

figure, or a surreal colorscape, the two artists evoke contemplation in their distinct styles. 

Macdonald uses a "photogestic" mixed media approach to create figures in surreal environments. Taking inspiration from surrealism and collage styles, she utilizes photography and encaustic techniques; the fusing of pigmented wax on a substrate, to produce her signature pieces. She describes this fusion of techniques as a marriage between the mediums, using the encaustic to bring “life and imagination” to the photographs.

In a similar vein, Lawson lets her mediums of choice aid in her expression and artistic intent. While exploring a range of techniques and processes over the years, this show specifically

focuses on bas-relief sculptures and watercolor paintings. In doing so, Lawson produces what she describes as “varieties of representations,” correlating this medium experimentation with

connections to her consciousness. Her sculptures have an air of unpredictability in their coloring processes, and her paintings explore the nuances and peculiarities of human features.

Both Lawson and Macdonald have enjoyed a long and varied career path within the arts. Lawson, based in Tallahassee, has had a significant number of group and solo exhibitions for her works in watercolors, pen and ink, acrylics, portrait sketches, and clay sculptures. She has illustrated and edited two cruising travel books in collaboration with writer Terry Breen, and advocates for the arts by serving on a variety of cultural boards. 

Macdonald, based in Philadelphia, has served as a commercial photographer, professional analog printer, and college professor along with her visual arts career. Her work is represented in a number of galleries, and she has self-published numerous handmade artist books.

“Deeper Look” will be open from March 3rd to April 16th, 2023, with the opening reception on Friday, March 3rd from 5-8 pm. Venvi Art Gallery is located at 2901 East Park Avenue,

Tallahassee, FL 32301. For more information about the show and the artists, visit

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