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Dance of Hues

Fri, May 17, 2024 - Thu, Jun 20, 2024

2901 E Park Ave Unit 2800 Tallahassee, FL

Brinda Pamulapati

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Press Release

Venvi Art Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of “Dance of Hues,” an exclusive solo exhibition by abstract artist Brinda Pamulapati. This vibrant showcase features 28 original paintings, each a vivid exploration of color and motion. The exhibition will run from May 17th to June 16th, with an opening reception on May 17th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


Dance of Hues explores the dynamic interactions between colors, embracing the spontaneity of the compositions that emerge when solely being guided by interplay and contrasting hues. It draws inspiration from the concept of movement and expression, in a way that is similar to dance. Instead of tangible objects, hues are the main focus of this exhibition. Each piece portrays hues in varying poses that evolve and flow, similar to the fluidity of a dancer’s body, creating visual rhythm and dynamism through the movement of colors. The canvas itself for her works is a stage for the varying colors to express harmony amongst contrasting hues, and also maintaining balance through artistic expression.


Working primarily with acrylics, Pamulapati incorporates vibrant colors, unusual shapes, and rich textures into her art. Each color choice is deliberate, aimed at evoking emotional responses and challenging conventional perceptions of color. “The vibrancy in the colors acts like art therapy, uplifting the mood and providing a festive outlook,” says Pamulapati.


Brinda Pamulapati’s artistic journey began in India, blossoming under the guidance of world-renowned artist Jacob Pichhadze at the Yazi School of Visual Arts, Toronto. Over the past 15 years in Tallahassee, she has significantly contributed to local arts, influencing cultural programs and bringing fresh perspectives through her dual role as an artist and gallerist. Since founding Venvi Art Gallery in 2015, her engagement with the art market has deepened, enriching her approach to both creating and showcasing art.


Her experience and knowledge also have earned her spots in panels relating to careers in the arts, and as a judge for several shows in Tallahassee and the Panama City Art Center.


She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics from Florida State University and is part of faculty for online university. She currently has her work on display at the Pensacola Museum of Art. Pamulapati is also featured in the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra (TSO)’s book "T is for Tallahassee: The ABCs of our Musical City!" for letter T, which features work from twenty-six local artists, one for each letter.


Curating the exhibition is Paloma Rambana, a Media Studies student at The New School in New York City. Rambana has a background in curatorial studies from Sotheby’s and has interned with the Council on Culture and Arts (COCA).


Venvi Art Gallery aims to showcase innovative contemporary art that explores vibrant interactions and emotional depth. By fostering a dialogue between the arts and the community, Venvi enhances the cultural landscape of Tallahassee. Venvi Art Gallery is located at 2901 East Park Avenue Tallahassee, FL 32301. For more information about the exhibition, please visit

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