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More about "Iconic Capers" by Leon Hicks

Leon Hicks’ Iconic Capers series is one of the select series that is featured in his exhibition Drawings Through Time. These select pieces were created in 2006 using his copyrighted monoprint method. This involves using oil pastels, mylar sheets, Elmer’s glue and Thai Unryu paper.

Mr. Hicks’ technique for these pieces involves drawing on vellum paper, in the case of these works, mylar sheets. The mylar sheets act as a transfer sheet for when the monoprint is rubbed into the paper of choice. After Mr. Hicks creates a drawing on the mylar sheet, he uses Elmer’s glue and a graphic stick marker to act as a burnishing. Then the piece is transferred onto the Thai Unryu paper.

Thai Unryu paper, also known as Mulberry paper, is a thin paper that is made from mulberry trees in Thailand. This type of paper is known for the strands of fiber composing the paper, which give it a unique texture. Thai Unryu paper is often used for mixed media projects. The paper itself is translucent as well. When viewing Mr. Hicks’ pieces, it is evident how translucent the paper itself is.


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