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Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 20 x 20 Inches (HxW)

Year: 2019

Cheryl Eggleston | Under Earth


    The canvas is gallery wrapped.

    I wrote a poem for this painting.

    What lies sleeping
    Beneath your feet?
    Physical science describes
    The earth’s crust, mantle & core.
    Ancient civilizations are
    Buried under layers of sand & rock.
    We dig to discover, the sleeping
    History of man’s passage through time.
    But, is solid earth solid?
    Quantum physics will tell -
    Reality is not what we think it is.
    Reality is an illusion inside our heads.
    What we believe, is.
    So then, guard your thoughts,
    Let them be light, be kind.
    Keep sweet your slumber.
    Should you begin to dig
    Into memories long forgotten
    May you find gentle forgiveness sleeping
    There in the UnderEarth of your mind.

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