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Venvi Art Gallery: A Fusion of Art and Commerce

Updated: Jun 12

Venvi Art Gallery is currently exhibiting Dance of Hues, a series of 28 abstract pieces by artist and gallerist Brinda Pamulapati. Pamulapati is the owner and managing director of Venvi Art Gallery. It was founded in 2015 and currently sits in the Places on Park Plaza on 2901 East Park Avenue.

Luminous Divide. Acrylic on Canvas. 2024. (From "Dance of Hues")

Venvi Art Gallery's mission is to foster a dialogue between the arts and community in Tallahassee. It does this by showcasing innovative contemporary artwork that explores vibrant interactions and emotional depth. Since its founding, the gallery has enhanced the cultural landscape of Tallahassee, Florida.

According to Pamulapati, art galleries like Venvi are essential to "enriching the cultural landscape of a community. It serves as a hub for artistic exchange, education, and inspiration, providing a space where people can experience art up close and personal." Venvi and other art galleries act as "facilitators of dialogue and understanding through art, making it accessible and engaging for everyone from seasoned collectors to first-time visitors."

The online presence of Venvi Art Gallery is crucial in providing collectors with a more convenient way to purchase art, while simultaneously promoting local and regional artists. Venvi manages to do this by increasing their visibility and engagement with a broader audience. According to Pamulapati, the use of digital technology has expanded access to art and how we interact with art by allowing it to be shown to a global audience. It also provides new mediums for creation and facilitates innovative ways to curate and display artworks.

What sets Venvi Art Gallery apart is its use of said technology by providing artworks online as well as in-person at the gallery. For example, all of the artworks in Brinda Pamulapati's exhibition Dance of Hues that are currently on display in the gallery are also available to view and purchase online. Each show, past and present, has a page on Venvi Art Gallery's website where one can view more details about the show itself. During current shows, the show's artwork is shown in the page. Once the show is over, the page will show a few images of the works installed in the gallery along with the show's press release. However, works from the past shows will still be available to purchase online through the "collect art" page.

Brinda Pamulapati with one of her artworks.

As an artist and gallerist, Brinda Pamulapati has a unique perspective on both art and the business side of it as well. For more than 15 years, she has contributed to the local arts significantly and influenced cultural programs and fresh perspectives due to her knowledge and experience.

According to Pamulapati, since she founded Venvi Art Gallery, she has gained more confidence as an artist in the business front and her experience managing Venvi Art Gallery enriched her understanding of the art market and how to navigate it more effectively. While Pamulapati initially was focused on creation starting out, she came to appreciate the importance of the commercial aspects of art. These include marketing, engaging with collectors, and curating exhibitions. As an artist, she understands the creative process, which helps her to better empathize with the artists Venvi represents. This also influences how their work is curated in the gallery as well. Her experience as both an artist and gallerist also allow her to support other artists effectively and show their work in a way that it is seen and appreciated without compromising the works' artistic integrity.

Venvi's Grand Opening, November 2015.

Dance of Hues is just one of the many exhibitions Venvi Art Gallery has showcased since its opening in 2015.

It will be on display until June 16th, 2024. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events and exhibitions at

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